branded content

Andrew has created content in partnership with Google, Netflix, Disney, Apple, Microsoft, Sony, LG, LEGO, Hasbro, VitaminWater, and many other awesome brands. From video shoutouts, to product placements, to his unique "found sound" pieces that fetch millions of views, there are lots of ways he can help you reach a wider, engaged audience. Check out some of Andrew's past work below.

Ducktales theme song cover in 10 genres

Andrew and Sam Tsui partnered with Disney XD to promote the reboot of the popular series DuckTales by covering the theme song in various genres. Also featured in the video is a recreation of the iconic Scrooge McDuck coin vault.

Making a song out of anything with Andrew Huang

Andrew Huang finds and follows creative inspiration wherever it takes him. In this video, Andrew travels to LA’s East Side to record a variety of ambient sounds for his Song Challenge with the Samsung Chromebook Pro. 

Look on the light side/Making music with candy

In this two-part campaign, Andrew, Caspar Lee & Dytto show viewers how to look on the light side in a fun, self-aware music video. Then, Andrew shows his viewers how to make music using only the sounds of candy.

Wok Tossed Harmony

Also available for work behind the scenes, Andrew was brought on to consult and compose for this Panda Express TV spot that called for a soundtrack and cinematography involving kitchen sounds.