I've just released a new EP, Cosmic.

It features two reworks of tracks from last year's Cosmos, and two brand new ones. The reason why I sometimes like to release different versions of the same song is because I find that there can be multiple expressions of the same lyrical or melodic ideas, where a shift in context can lead to a radical change in one's experience of the message or feeling. I often don't look at one track being the "original" and any others as "remixes", but each one as a different perspective, like the same light refracting through a prism to create a huge variety of colors.

Here's a track by track breakdown:

Betelgeuse uses the rap verses from "Go Wild" over a completely different beat. It's a sparser trap/EDM affair which is something I tend to find harder to accomplish - usually I'm good at fitting dense combinations of musical layers together and generating richness and interest that way, but here I was happy to be able to come up with a few much simpler but well sculpted synthesizer lines.

Big Box is what I'm calling my anti-suburbia anthem. I think the line "I criticize the dream, but I bought it too" best sums it up - while I'm addressing the issues that have arisen with globalization, greed, and cookie cutter lifestyles, I also have to acknowledge my own hypocrisy and the ways in which I have benefitted from some of those systems. I have to say - this is probably the most banging beat I've made all year.

Touch Down is a mid-tempo electronic track with a touch of reggae influence. It came together extremely quickly while I was visiting Switzerland last month - produced with any time I had squeezed in between obligations at the Zurich Film Festival. It's a great example of how the consistency of running a YouTube channel - trying to put out two videos a week - not only pushes creativity to new places, but also can hone one's craft to the point where a track and accompanying music video can be put together in less than a week.

Real has its counterpart in "Vice" off of Cosmos. In this case I'm not exploring an extremely different feeling or genre for the same song, but I had the starting point for a beat that ended up forking in two directions - so I made them both. I think the synths and drums work great in both of them in their own ways, but in "Real" I'm particularly fond of the new vocal cutups section, the buildup near the end, and the awesome sample of a woman talking about being true to yourself which I eventually shift into robot demon voice.

Hope you enjoy the new music. Stream or download Cosmic on iTunes and Bandcamp. Spotify coming soon!